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90th National Collection of the French Red Cross from May 25 to June 2

From May 25 to June 2, the 90th National Collection of the French Red Cross will take place. This is a crucial event for all local structures of the association because donations support the 75,000 volunteers in their local actions more than one can imagine. For a week, they will meet the public to talk about their activities and collect the necessary funds to support their local initiatives.

May 25 will also mark the 160th anniversary of the association, founded on May 25, 1864. 160 years of commitment, actions, and inspiration have made the French Red Cross a common good present at key moments in history, thanks to the unwavering commitment of its volunteers. For 160 years, volunteers and employees have been there in France to respond to crises, whether economic, health, social, climate-related, or personal.

And this year will celebrate a third anniversary! 25 years ago, Adriana Karembeu became the ambassador of the French Red Cross. Always close to the association’s volunteers, she will kick off the National Days.

“In this year 2024, commitment resonates stronger than ever for the French Red Cross. Because we are organizing our 90th National Collection, so essential for our volunteers, as it promotes encounters and exchanges with the population and allows our local commitment, everywhere in the territories, alongside the most vulnerable. And because we are celebrating our 160th anniversary: 160 years during which commitment, action, and inspiration have driven us relentlessly, both on the street and in the midst of crises. Finally, because we will also celebrate the precious 25th anniversary of our faithful ambassador, Adriana Karembeu. » Philippe Da Costa, President of the French Red Cross.

90th National Collection, always essential for local actions

From May 25 to June 2, the National Days of the French Red Cross will take place. In a challenging context where crises are multiplying and seem to never end, the French Red Cross is responding to exponential demands while being affected by inflation and the energy crisis that impact volunteers in their actions.

The donations from the National Collection help the 75,000 volunteers of the association in their local actions of proximity much more than one can imagine. This is, in fact, the message that will mark the new communication campaign. For a week, volunteers of the French Red Cross will meet the public, piggy bank in hand, to talk about their activities and collect the necessary donations to support their local solidarity initiatives. And this also includes thermoses and cups to serve a comforting drink, computers to help in administrative procedures, milk for the babies’ bottles in the Baby-Friendly Spaces or even survival blankets to warm those who are cold.

160 years of commitment, actions, and inspiration

Founded on May 25, 1864, the French Red Cross is the only one of the 191 national societies of the largest humanitarian movement in the world to have been founded by Henry Dunant. Today, it must face the challenges posed by climate change, health and social issues, and a degraded and fragile global geopolitical context. It is making every effort to be able to respond to the emergence and multiplication of crises and remain a trusted third party for all those it accompanies. By acting to prevent and educate, protect and support populations through social ties, the French Red Cross is a major catalyst for citizen energy. Throughout this anniversary year, the association’s actions over 160 years, the commitment of its 75,000 volunteers and 17,200 employees alongside millions of vulnerable people they have encountered will be highlighted.

Next May 25, the date of the association’s establishment and the launch of the National Days, will mark the highlight of this commemoration. Throughout France, all actors of the French Red Cross will be united around the same objective: to celebrate this anniversary with all French citizens to show the strength of the collective.

In the following days, volunteers will meet the great challenge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games where for 4 months, throughout mainland France and the overseas territories, they will provide emergency services, and will also be present on the flame route, the flag tour, and the many festivities planned.

25 years of Adriana Karembeu’s commitment to the association

In 2024, the association also celebrates the 25 years of Adriana Karembeu’s commitment by its side. As an ambassador of the French Red Cross, her availability and sincerity remain unwavering to contribute to the radiance of the French Red Cross. She continues to play an essential role, and all volunteers are delighted to be able to count on her at every important event.

Making a donation contributes to solidarity at the local level

To ensure the continuation of local solidarity actions, thousands of volunteers will walk the streets of mainland France and overseas territories to raise public awareness and collect the maximum amount of money. These donations will support local solidarity actions for vulnerable people: food aid, clothing assistance, patrols for homeless people…

The Réunion Red Cross more than ever relies on the mobilization of all to continue its actions.

Everyone can also donate their time for this major event by helping the Red Cross collect donations by becoming a volunteer for a day. To do so, simply contact the nearest Red Cross branch in your area.

Indeed, it is the generosity of the public and the money collected, especially during the Collection, that allows the Réunion Red Cross to fund, for example:

– its social grocery store open every Tuesday and Thursday,

– the purchase of a Samu Social truck,

– first aid training in recreational centers.

How to make a donation?

To the volunteers encountered in the streets throughout mainland France and the overseas territories, from May 25 to June 2, 2024: a bill, a coin in the piggy bank, or by credit card through the electronic payment terminals they are equipped with.

Some donation equivalents:

– €4 is a complete and balanced meal for 1 person in a precarious situation for a day.

– €10 is for 50 isothermal survival blankets.

– €30 is for a supportive medical care.

– €100 allows a single parent to feed their child for 1 month.

– €12.50 is the price of a box of powdered milk for the bottles of babies welcomed in Baby-Parent Spaces (EBP).

– €3.80 is the price of a pack of ground coffee that will be served during a patrol or at a reception center.

– €26.90 is a new ink cartridge to allow a person accompanied in a local unit to print their resume.

– €50 is the price of a large thermos with which volunteers can offer a hot drink.

– €59.90 is the price of a large pot to prepare a warm soup.



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