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Julian Assange : sa défense se bat pour un dernier recours contre son extradition

Julian Assange’s defense seeks final appeal against extradition to the United States

Julian Assange’s defense team is seeking to persuade the British courts to grant the WikiLeaks founder a final appeal against his extradition to the United States, where he faces charges for a massive document leak.

Assange’s supporters had raised concerns about the risks to his health and even his life after being detained in the UK for nearly five years in a case that has become symbolic of threats to press freedom.

The British court is examining the refusal to allow Assange to appeal his extradition to the US, which was accepted by the UK government in June 2022.

Assange’s lawyer argued that he should not be extradited as he faces « political » charges for revealing « serious state criminality. » The lawyer also emphasized Assange’s risk of facing a disproportionate sentence and the possibility of a blatant denial of justice in the US.

Assange faces up to 175 years in prison for publishing over 700,000 confidential documents, including a video showing civilians and two Reuters journalists being killed by a US combat helicopter in Iraq in 2007.

Before the court hearing, a crowd gathered outside the High Court in London chanting « Free Julian Assange » to show their support.

Assange’s wife expressed concern about a potential rapid extradition but hoped that the European Court of Human Rights could intervene in time.

Assange had been arrested by the UK police in 2019 after seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for seven years. He is currently detained at the high-security Belmarsh prison in East London.

In January 2021, the British court initially ruled in favor of Assange’s extradition, but the decision was later overturned.

The US had provided assurances regarding Assange’s treatment and the possibility of serving his sentence in Australia, but these assurances have not convinced Assange’s supporters.

In recent days, there has been widespread support for Assange from various journalist organizations and Australian politicians.


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